This weeks MIUI update, not only fixes some bugs, as well as other new features added, for example changing the Dialpad tone into something totally diferent, the Music Player received some updates as well too. Head down to the Preview Changelog.

1. To change the sound of the dialpad tone, to a piano style tone (Phone > Settings > Other Settings > Dial tone Settings) You can make pressing the dial pad sound like a piano or use the default dial pad tone.

2. Music application support for manually adjusting the lyric scrolling speed by dragging up or down on the lyrics. This allows fine-tuning of the lyrics in time with the music for people who like to sing along e.g in the shower

3. Voice Assistant, add ten different voice styles
Tired of hearing the default voice effect? You can switch to for example “Donald Duck”. Not just cartoon voices but other sounds are available too! More about that on Friday!

4. List to FM radio now supports functionality when Flightmode is active
You can now listen to FM radio without having to worry about your Mobile data being switched on, if want to listen to radio without being disturbed then this is a great addition to the FM app.

5. MiCloud photo album download options, you can now select to download just thumbnail previews and at the same time scrolling through previews while downloading. This is an attempt to help ease data usage for people who have a limited amounts of Mobile bandwidth. Optimisation of download logic has been applied to make the experience a more pleasant one.

Full changes will be published on Friday as usual. (Thx Mark)