Do you possess copious amounts of priceless personal data on your phone, accumulated throughout the years? Do you painstakingly transfer all of your contacts, photos, text messages, videos, music, apps and bookmarks each time you upgrade or change your phone?

Just the thought of losing all my precious data makes me wince.. so we’ve decided to post this article on methods of preventing the loss of your personal data so that you never have to worry about losing all those contacts and photos again.

Option One: MIUI own local backup

How many of you MIUI-ers have tried this powerful backup tool?
MIUI comes with it’s own local backup system, inclusive of 3rd party applications and data. You can also activate automatic backup timing, which will execute data backup at your specific intervals.


1. Open MIUI Backup & Reset
2. Select the corresponding backup options, click to confirm.
3. Backup data will be saved in the SD / MIUI / BACKUP / ALLBACKUP / path corresponding date is a point-in-time backup.
4. To be on the safe side, you can extract the backup files and store them on your computer. In addition, this backup feature can also be set for certain times and be encrypted for security purposes.

So what do you think? Pretty awesome function.

Advantages: Full backup of all data as well as 3rd party apps.
Disadvantages: Local backup only stored on the phone itself. To be safe, you should extract your backup file and store it on your computer.

Option Two: MIUI Cloud Service

You’re not mistaken, MIUI has it’s own cloud service! You can now record and backup all of your contacts, data, and multimedia. Synced into the cloud, you will never have to worry about losing your data again.

1. Enter Settings, find “Accounts & Sync” and enter.
2. Enter your Xiaomi Account (If you do not have one please create one).
3. Once logged in, you can begin synchronizing your data.
4. You may now view and manage your data in the cloud:

Advantages: Online syncing of address book, SMS, photo albums, supported pages. Easy to use and operate.
Disadvantages: The backup data is not robust, you can not back up system data, program data.

Option Three: The use of third-party programs for back up

There are many third-party programs and tools that offer backup services. These include Snappea, 91 Assist, QQ Synchronization, Titanium backup, etc. For complete introductions and usage details, please feel free to explore these options.

Data backup is a very useful tool that should not be overlooked. Do you have better suggestions or tips? If so, please feel free to share with the Mi Community!

Tanks goes to mich919 for this great information / Howto